and ability
to tell a story
helped us
create real
equity in
our brand’

Sarah Bascombe, Marketing
Director, Fat Face

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Fat Face relied on Northstar to bring a sense of real life adventure into its catalogue activity, creating deeper engagement in the brand


A brand that starts as two blokes selling T-shirts in a ski resort can lose sight of its soul when it has 80 outlets and wants to gear up for flotation. Fat Face needed a creative approach to reflect a community and brand culture that would avoid being submerged into high street homogeneity.


Northstar developed all art direction for the Fat Face catalogues from concept to output, delivering a brand lifestyle and selling product from the page. These assets were then used for all brand communication as we developed a look for a magazine, in-store collateral, ezines and online, and even designed the business documents for City flotation.


The work reflected a lifestyle and, though the business was moving on, allowed the brand to retain a distinctive hold on the adventurous side of its customer's personality. A consistent brand message facilitated a credible journey for the Fat Face business from high street persona to successful flotation.

Why we love working with Fat Face

“Because our creative direction filters through the business, we really feel part of it”

Nick Elsden, Creative Director

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