Tour de force

Harvesting inspiration from a wide variety of sources is what enables Northstar to constantly find new and engaging ways to approach each story. Recently we analysed fantastic creative work done by Rapha, an uber-stylish London cycling brand, in order to showcase the new Audi Sport Racing Bike – one of the most sophisticated road bikes ever built. The result was an encounter between BBC Formula One commentator Tom Clarkson and Audi DTM star Jamie Green – two keen cyclists - and a ride up two famous mountain routes near Monaco. Exceptional landscapes and natural lighting, as well as clever use of slow-motion and framing selections, gave the iPad video that accompanied the feature an organic feel, bringing character to the product.

An award-winning portfolio 

With a driving passion for editorial and design excellence, Northstar has been creating Audi UK’s customer magazine since 2007. Today, Audi Magazine sits at the centre of a content hub that feeds a tablet edition (with 12,500 unique visitors per issue), and Audi Update, an online magazine for prospects published four times a year that also comes in smartphone format. The multi-award-winning magazine was named overall Grand Prix winner at the International Content Marketing Awards in 2013.


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