Audi Update broadcast to 250,000 prospects

Audi Update is a Northstar-created website for sales prospects that revolutionised content marketing in the sector. Created in HTML 5 with cutting-edge digital technology on a software system called Amplience, the site’s design (matching all Audi brand values) is optimised for all devices, and offers videos, unique touch points and a high level of interactivity. See below for an example of the latest content, or visit Audi Update is broadcast quarterly to 250,000 prospects via email. There are personalisation mechanisms with segmented links to relevant content based on model interest, leading to the site for brochure requests, tests drives and links to This is then supported by direct mail to accelerate the customer journey towards purchase.

An award-winning portfolio 

With a driving passion for editorial and design excellence, Northstar has been creating Audi UK’s customer magazine since 2007. Today, Audi Magazine sits at the centre of a content hub that feeds a tablet edition (which has 12,500 uniques per issue) and Audi Update, an online magazine for prospects published four times a year that also comes in smartphone format. The multi-award-winning magazine was named overall Grand Prix winner at the International Content Marketing Awards in 2013.



Percentage of readers who buy a new Audi as a result of reading Audi Magazine


Service requests prompted by a typical issue of Audi Magazine


Unique visitors to Audi Update per edition


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