Calibre celebrates Patek Philippe

‘You never actually own a Patek Philippe….’ Since that famous strapline was introduced in 1996, Patek Philippe has become a household name. Our client Watches of Switzerland is one of the world’s leading retailers of Patek Philippe watches and it asked us to support its activities with the brand through the latest issue of Calibre. Our cover story focused on the timeless designs that continue to make Patek so sought-after. The spring/summer issue of Calibre is also the first after the spring watch fairs, which we celebrated through the playful feature All the Fun of the Fairs. We’re not sure if a Rolex has ever been shot with a striker before, but it made us smile. Elsewhere, Calibre maintained its reputation for bringing engaging ideas to life through striking original photography with features on lightweight materials and this year’s best sports watches, and served up its usual dose of authoritative insight with columns from some of the watch industry’s most respected critics.

A life in luxury

Watches of Switzerland became one of our very first clients back in 2003. More than a decade on, Watches of Switzerland looks to Northstar to interpret its brand across a number of channels, primarily through Calibre, the biannual magazine we produce for the company’s loyal customer base and in-store clients, as well as online content. Over the years, we’ve produced all manner of collateral to support the marketing team’s needs, both above and below the line. The client has so much trust in our ability to communicate the Watches of Switzerland brand that they recently tasked us with refreshing the company’s brand guidelines.



Calibre is full of original ideas and world-class photography


The Northstar Watches of Switzerland team is fully immersed in the world of luxury watches

Brand interpretation

We understand the brand values, we understand the audience, and we know how to bring the two together

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