A content hub so focused it drives 25% of Audi’s website traffic…

For more than a decade Audi Update has served Audi UK with a curated diet of creativity and effectiveness. It delivers an ‘always on’ feed of richly diverse features, films and product intelligence, forensically targeted to ensure tangible results.

‘It’s a symbiotic relationship.
Northstar is hard-wired into Audi’s DNA’

Our Audi team have lived and breathed this account for nearly 15 years. We set out to blend our deep-rooted passion for creating memorable automotive content with a fastidious understanding of the Audi brand, its products and its ambitions.

From good idea to the epicentre
of Audi’s digital comms strategy

The online content hub was designed to share positive messages about Audi, educate prospects, keep customers warm and engaged, and drive the wider business priorities of SEO and lead generation. Its effectiveness increases as we evolve the accuracy of its targeting.

Targeting: towards one-to-one

The online hub is driven by a monthly e-newsletter, now circulated to 300,000+ Audi UK customers and subscribers. These are broken down into a fast-growing number of tailored segments based on AI-assimilated customer preference data, enabling precisely curated newsletter content for each customer. And it works…

The results are in…

Audi Update emails play a major role in driving traffic to the Audi website. In 2020 the newsletter contributed to an average of 25% of traffic on audi.co.uk on the days that emails were deployed. Audi Update ‘clickers’ are also very engaged, spending an average of 02:53 on the site.