A determined expression of individuality…

That’s the statement that fuses the vision of high-tech watchmaker Richard Mille to the achingly beautiful classic sailing boats of the Fife Regatta. Both represent exquisite design, beauty, fine materials and matchless performance. How to film one to invoke the other?

Regatta x 21st century watchmaker

Our creative concept for Richard Mille layered the beautiful premium magnificence of the boats onto the uniquely stirring location in which they race. Purpose meets delivery at the cutting edge. But these boats are racing – they don’t pause for retakes…

Sheer un-distilled freedom

That inspiring line comes from our voiceover script, which anchored our film. Chiselled to give structure to our small, nimble film unit as we bobbed and weaved between, alongside and above the fast-moving boats for three days on Scotland’s challenging waters, the voice-over held us steady.

A meeting of adventurers

That’s how we see it. More than just filmmaking for a client, it sums up the spirit of the Fife Regatta, of Richard Mille and, we’d like to think, of Northstar.