The art of fine polishing

A big moment in our long-standing partnership with Watches of Switzerland. The idea of their centenary campaign had a shape but no execution. Ten decades to celebrate, plus 10 exclusive watches to showcase. Our role? To develop, refine and polish.

The art of art direction

Our creative team conceived a look and feel for the ‘always-on’ campaign celebrating each of the WoS eras, drawing together an amazing array of creatives to hand-build sets, light, dress and shoot wonderful images in the style of the time, then grade and polish every asset so it authentically shone.

Fine polishing involves many layers

And there were plenty of layers to this one. On top of the always-on eras content we layered a bespoke celebration of each of the 10 exclusives, developing a style for each that represented a feel contemporaneous with its time.

The best of times

This was a particularly engaging and rewarding collaboration with a valued partner – a chance for Northstar to exercise our experience in creative brand messaging, and deliver a complex brief in a bold, confident fashion.